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Breaking Barriers: Sanitary Pad Demonstration and Mental Health Awareness

At the school with just the girls in attendance, a unique event was organized to address two crucial aspects of female students’ lives: menstrual hygiene and mental health. The sanitary pad demonstration was designed to educate students about proper menstrual care, while also exploring the emotional and psychological impact of menstruation on mental wellbeing.

As the students gathered, a mental health professional, Ms. Emerald Unufi began by discussing the emotional challenges associated with menstruation, such as anxiety, mood swings, and feelings of shame. She emphasized that these emotions are valid and deserve attention.

Next, the sanitary pad demonstration was conducted, showcasing how to use the pads especially the reusable one which seem to be new to them and also show how proper menstrual care can alleviate physical discomfort and boost confidence. The students learned about different types of sanitary products (both disposal and reusable pad) and how to use them effectively.

The connection between menstrual hygiene and mental health became apparent as Emerald explained how poor menstrual care can exacerbate anxiety and low self-esteem. She encouraged the students to prioritize self-care during their periods, practicing relaxation techniques and seeking support from friends, family, or counselors.

A brave student, Ruth shared her personal struggles with menstrual anxiety, and how learning about proper care and self-compassion had helped her cope. Her vulnerability sparked a sense of community, as students realized they were not alone in their experiences.

The event concluded with students making positive affirmations. They left with a newfound understanding of the interconnection between physical and mental wellbeing, empowered to prioritize their overall health.

As one student, Abasifreke reflected, “I never knew taking care of my period could affect my mental health. Thank you for showing us we’re not alone, and that self-care is essential.” The event had shattered stigmas surrounding menstruation and mental health, fostering a supportive environment where female students could openly discuss their struggles and triumphs.

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